Imagination Temple (detail)

Tree of Life Chart (detail)

Kabbalah Poster (detail)

Lovers Dream (detail)

Tree of Life Chart (back detail)

Endlessdesign offers unique ‘at a glance’ informative charts, prints and posters that reveal the essential patterns of astrology, Kabbalah (Qabalah), alchemy and the I-Ching. All are expressions of ancient symbolism and divergent cultures. Each a component of a greater cultural, holistic integration.

In continuous publication since 1978 the Kabbalah Poster reveals over 1,000 keywords associated with its revered tradition. Both the Golden Tree Print, together with the Tree of Life Chart focus on particular aspects of the discipline.
All intended to inspire, educate and promote further study.

The Alchemical Star Print and The Alchemical Star Chart reveal a unique story shedding light on the birth of astrology. Challenging many widely held theories they remain a testament to ancient ingenuity, and substantiate the claim that astrology has a single ancient root.

The Tree of Life Model and the Tetrad™ expand the traditional two-dimensional representations of Qabalah into three dimensions. Each offers a deeper insight into their respective realities. The Tetrad™ offering dynamic balance and equilibrium while the The Tree of Life Model reveals the dimensional integrity of the classic Tree of Life glyph as an engaging meditation tool.