Golden Tree Print


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The modern Kabbalah (also known as the Tree of Life) embraces studies that have a broad contemporary appeal. This collectors’ print is intended for meditations on powerful single word intelligences, and the visions of the Sephiroth.

Names, titles and details include:
 The four worlds
 The visions of the Sephiroth
 32 Intelligences
 Planetary attributes

Always be aware that a single meditative word can invoke profound experience.

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The Golden Tree Print is a special edition collectors’ print for centering and meditation.

The 32 paths are each assigned their unique intelligence. Along with the planetary symbol the classic visions are attributed to each Sephiroth.
The Tree of Life mystical glyph is embraced by an energetic patterning suggestive of dynamic life force – above and below.

Now in its second edition this print is hand silk-screened with vibrant metallic gold on art card stock. Measuring 12″ by 21″ it is ready to be framed.


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