Tree of Life Chart


The Qabalah* – Tree of Life chart depicts the modern Qabalistic Tree of Life in full color. This easy to use informative reference guide is intended as an inspirational tool for meditation, visualization and study purposes.

The Tree of Life glyph is formed by twenty two paths and ten Sephiroth (spheres). Each is numbered and referenced to a corresponding table (on the reverse). Particular attention has been given to the flashing colors of the four Qabalistic worlds.

This double sided chart measures 8.5″ x 11″ and is printed in full color on heavy laminated card for protection.

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Further Information
The Chart follows in the well established footsteps of The Kabbalah poster but brings the subject to life for the first time by revealing the vibrant colors attributed by the Golden Dawn.

Tables include:
 Hebrew/English names
 Tarot Placements
 Esoteric Titles
 Planets and Sun Signs
 Symbols and Alphabets
 Spiritual Experiences
 Musical Notations


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